Mission Statement

AboutLogoTo create a vibrant, inclusive community on Treasure Island that provides pathways for economic advancement for lower-income San Franciscans, including those who have experienced homelessness. We achieve this through affordable housing, jobs, community building, and advocacy.


A thriving and inclusive new neighborhood on Treasure Island that celebrates diversity and offers opportunity for all.


    • Dignity: We believe in the potential of every Treasure Island community member
    • Equity: We create opportunities for all residents and workers to participate and prosper, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds
    • Integration: We foster and steward an inclusive and socio-economically integrated community on Treasure Island
    • Collaboration: We cultivate and embrace partnerships with all who work for the benefit of the Treasure Island community


Strategic Approach

TIHDI is committed to fostering and stewarding an equitable, inclusive, and thriving community for all Treasure Island residents, employees, businesses, and visitors. Lower-income households and those who have experienced homelessness are at the center of our mission. Together, as the Island develops, we will champion their integration and access to opportunities within the broader, mixed-income neighborhood.

Agency Description & Purpose

TIHDI's over arching goal is to build a new San Francisco neighborhood that includes formerly homeless and low income people from the ground up and to develop an integrated & healthy community comprised of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. This has been true for today and is the plan for tomorrow. 

This is the vision that was created by many people who have been advocates & service providers for the poor for many years and who saw a real opportunity to create a new community where the poor are not an afterthought but whose needs are considered as part of the redevelopment planning process.

While TIHDI & its members have developed housing and some programming that is specifically for the populations they serve, TIHDI has developed many programs and services that are open to all island residents to help foster integration between residents from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The Ship Shape Community Center, the recreation programming, the childcare center, the economic self sufficiency program & workshops, the Business Access Center and many community wide events have all been open to all residents and were efforts to break down barriers and to create a sense of community.

As the entity that has the agreement with the City for opportunities for homeless & low income San Franciscans, TIHDI primarily works as a broker between TIHDI member organizations and government entities, mostly, the Treasure Island Development Authority. TIHDI also provides some direct services such as the Job Broker System and the Food Pantry (see Programs). TIHDI has a small staff and is able to collaborate and leverage services by working closely with TIHDI members, island partners and volunteers. 

Over the years TIHDI has organized a variety of efforts to develop resident involvement, leadership and input -- from community meetings, to focus groups, to community leadership training to supporting parent lead activities. We will continue to encourage resident involvement throughout redevelopment. 

Collaboration and developing positive working relationships with a diverse group of organizations & individuals has been and will continue to be key to developing this new community.

TIHDI does not provide housing directly. If you are looking for housing, please go to Housing.

Client Success Story

Will Jefferson

Will 10As an Air Force Veteran, struggling with depression and experiencing homelessness, Will came to Treasure Island after connecting with the VA who referred him to Swords to Plowshares’ (a TIHDI member) residential program.

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